Well, I did know that there could be some withdrawal symptoms, but I was a little taken by surprise.  My son is still young and often wakes me up during the night.  So, as per usual, I was woken up at about 1am.  Usually, I just get up and I feel fine enough, assuming that sleep deprivation is normal.  This time, I actually felt kind of hung over.  It was so strange.  I had massive back pain, which for me, comes and goes, I was totally bloated, which I haven't experienced that in awhile and a little gassy, but not too bad.  I did however forget that I was supposed to drink lots of water during the day, so that might account for my hung over feeling.  Live and learn.

So, I came up with a theory last night.  I was reading a couple of books (Hypoallergenic Diet, (A Complete Guide to Food Sensitivities) and The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook: Whole Foods Recipes for Personal and Planetary Health, Second Edition ) and they were very informative about how the food we consume hinders the digestive track and immobilizes the bodies natural ability to decifer what we should and shouldn't eat.  Resulting in cancer, arthritis, pain, inflammation, digestive issues, etc.  So, my theory was that when I try to eat well, I get run down after a bit as my body goes into withdrawal, I get lazy, so I'll cook something like a pizza, therefore re-initiating a cycle that is hindering my body.  I was reading in these books that after this diet, it is very likely that my muscle pain could go away.  It seems our diet hinders us a lot more than we realize.  I also didn't realize that many people are sensitive to eggs and corn, although corn makes sense since it's hard to digest.

So, here I am, the morning of day 2 and I feel pretty good this morning.  I should also note that I fell asleep quite early last night.  Probably 3 hours earlier than is normal for me.  We will see how I feel tonight.  I was reading that withdrawal symptoms can last 2- 5 days.  Here's to hoping for 2 days.