This morning, I woke up feeling rather spunky.  I still felt a bit of carpal tunnel, but all in all, I was in very good spirits.  It was a beautiful day and life felt good.  So, why was I completely rude to the lady at the vehicle licensing center?  I have no idea.  For a brief bit, I felt irritable and grouchy.  Thank goodness I had the sensibility to apologize to her.  I realized how unreasonable I was being, so I tried my hardest to be normal.  I have to say, I am feeling much better now.  Especially after seeing this fantastic truck.

My husband will be so excited to see this.  He loves The Chive - KCCO (Keep Calm, Chive On).  And how perfect is this?  Green tailgate on a red truck, but hey, don't sweat the small stuff.

Oh my, I just had a new withdrawal symptom.  Let's just say, I had to run very quickly to the bathroom.