Sometimes it's hard to find products that you can eat on an elimination diet, so here is a list to make things a little easier.  I will be adding to this list as I discover new products.


GoGo Quinoa - Organic gluten-free and vegan pastas made of red & white quinoa, amaranth, and rice

        - I really like this pasta.  It's delicious.

Pastariso - 100% wholegrain organic brown rice pasta, gluten free, non GMO (includes bran, germ & endosperm)


EDENĀ® ORGANIC APPLE BUTTER - This is made of just organic apples.  It's quite sweet, so good for adding to smoothies, tea, anything that you want sweetened.

Nuts to You Organic Sunflower Seed Butter - You can buy this in the organic section of the grocery store.  It's not bad.  Has a slight nutty taste and my friend really likes it on celery sticks.