I have been wondering for awhile how I was going to manage pasta sauce on this diet.  No tomatoes...SERIOUSLY?  I love having pasta once in awhile and with the new GoGo Quinoa pasta (white and red quinoa is my favourite), I really wanted some.  I remembered making a pasta sauce awhile ago where I roasted all of the veggies and it was really good.  I shared it with a friend and my husband and they both loved it.  My husband has been complaining about some of the meals I have made lately and he really liked this, so this is a definite success.  Here is my modified pasta sauce recipe.

Roasted Pasta Sauce

Spray 2 big cookie sheets with olive oil, then place the following ingredients cut side down on it (I don't peel most things).

  • 1 big Sweet Potato, cut in quarters
  • 1 Butternut Squash, cut in half and take out seeds
  • 3 medium Onions, cut in half
  • 10 or more garlic (I do take the peel off of this)
  • 3 Carrots (sliced and steamed separately)
  • 3 Celery Stalks
  • 1 Zucchini, cut in quarters

Cover with tin foil.  Cook in the oven at 350 degrees F for about 40 minutes, or until everything is very soft when pricked with a knife.  Empty ingredients without peels into a blender (you will have to do a bit at a time) with 1/4 c dry basil and 1/2 c fresh cilantro and add enough olive oil to blend it.  For the last bit, I added about 1-2 cups of water to get the consistency I wanted.  Blend everything together in a big bowl, then add sea salt and pepper to taste.  I added about 1 tsp of sea salt.

I also cooked ground venison on the side and added it to this, but that's not necessary.