Ok, so, when I decided to start this diet, I realized, I will have to cut out a lot of excellent foods for awhile....and I love food. 

So, the week before starting, I totally cheated.  I know I can't eat dairy, but I had a big milkshake yesterday and a big honking burger.  It was awesome!!!  And to my surprise, the expected cramps and explosion from the other end did not happen.  I guess all my avoiding of dairy, made things improve a little bit.  I'm hoping this diet allows me to have some dairy when I'm done, because ice cream is to die for.

My other dark secret...my husband went away for the weekend and I was alone Friday night.  But did that stop me from savouring a high end beer by myself, I think not (Oh how I love Amsterdam Blonde).  I decided that if I was alone or with people that weekend, I was enjoying my beer no matter what.

Oh, funny story for needing to start this diet.  I was in the center back position at volleyball, when I started emitting some truly heinous smells.  All I could think when we had to switch positions was, Oh My!  Two seconds later, I heard..."PPPAAAAAMMMMMMEEEELLLLAAAA!!!"  Ooops.