Taking the step to do an elimination diet is not an easy decision.  But, after having tests at the doctor's stating that I'm in perfect health, I have to wonder why I have so many odd symptoms.  The doctor suggested that it's dietary, but what exactly?

I have to say, my odd, extremely itchy neck rash that occurs once a year like clockwork is not fun.  The constant loose stools and horrendous gas is really quite embarrassing.  Not to mention that I'm an extremely social person, always doing sports and venturing out into the community for various activities.  And then there's the cramping.  And seriously, what is with my acne coming back?  I'm in my 30's for goodness sakes.

So, I had pretty much determined that dairy was a problem, then I figured that processed wheat or perhaps grains in general were a problem.  So, I tried cutting them out and guess what?  I still have problems.  It's quite the mystery. 

So, my friend suggested trying an elimination diet.  It's supposed to be much more accurate than the truly expensive allergy or sensitivity testing and it's much cheaper.  So, I guess I will give up my truly beloved beer for a few weeks and cut out most of my common foods.  I was a little surprised by how much I would have to cut out, since I eat fairly healthy to begin with, but I am persistent and I've been pregnant and cut out beloved beverages twice before, so I'm sure I can do this.

Speaking of being pregnant.  This blog is not only to help others through hard dietary times, but to serve as my memory, as that does not work so well anymore.

Here's to an interesting next few weeks.