These are sooo good and pretty easy.  My super fussy 3 year old even loved them.  So did my hubby.  Only the 6 year old wasn't a fan.

Here's how it's done.

Sweet Potato Fries

  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees F
  • Peel a big sweet potato
  • Cut into 1/2" strips
  • Separately, mix 1/4 c olive oil, 1 tsp sea salt, 1/4 tsp pepper
  • Lightly coat the sweet potatoes in the olive oil mix
  • Place sweet potatoes on a non stick cookie sheet, making sure that they are not touching
  • Cook for 15 mins, flip, cook for another 10 mins.

There are lots of fun dips out there too.  I had a creamy lime one that was really good and I know a lot of places serve them with chipotle mayo, you'll have to experiment with your own concoctions.

In the future, I would like to try making a batter for my sweet potato fries.  I'm thinking maybe tapioca starch, quinoa flour, salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Further testing will be needed for this.